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App Development Solutions for Doctors/GPs in the UK: Appointment Booking + Telemedicine + eReferrals + ePharmacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the significance of healthcare apps and their need in the healthcare industry.

Both GPs and patients are adopting digital healthcare solutions.


Because it saves time, speeds up the diagnosis process, and reduces the live-in person visits.

That’s the reason, “33% of UK patients would rather have a virtual consultation via a mobile app than visiting the doctor in person.”

From that, we can safely say that there are endless benefits of health apps for doctors.

So, let’s discover doctor app development solutions to build an app for doctors or GPs like Push Doctor and Dr. iQ in the UK.

Doctor App Development in the UK: Know Why It Is Beneficial for the Doctors

As per the reports, “The United Kingdom MHealth app market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.43% to reach US$1,111.589 million by 2026 from US$269.568 million in 2019.”

Healthcare apps connect patients and physicians at any time, anywhere which saves patients valuable time and reduces the burden on healthcare professionals.

Apart from that, there are numerous benefits of app development for doctors or GPs.

So, let’s take a look at some of its key benefits.

  • A doctor or GP can simply collect, manage, and monitor the patient’s medical records without any complexity
  • Patients can effortlessly share their lab results and medical imaging with doctors in a secure manner
  • Precise health monitoring that enables GPs to provide convenient diagnostics and error-free prescription
  • Allows doctors to provide on-demand healthcare solutions remotely
  • Multiple-patient data assists doctors in finding or creating a new diagnosis opportunity
  • Some tasks such as medical consultation or prescriptions can be done through virtual care which minimal unnecessary patient visits
  • Fast, secure, and error-free patient health data collection saves valuable time for the doctors
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it easier for doctors to monitor patients’ health conditions in real-time
  • It helps healthcare professionals enhance their productivity and workflow

So, if you’re still reading this, we can safely assume that you want to discover this fascinating topic or want to build an app for the doctor.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

To assist you most suitably, we have classified the two most popular apps for doctors in the UK, Push Doctor and Dr. iQ.

So, let’s start with the Push Doctor app.

What is the Push Doctor App? How Does it Work?

Push Doctor is the leading virtual care provider in the UK.

Additionally, it was the first platform in the UK to introduce online video consultation for patients’ several health-related concerns.

So far, Push Doctor has served more than 5.4 million patients with the help of NHS-certified GPs.

In addition to this, push Doctor has a team of GMC-registered doctors, pharmacists, and physiotherapists.

Using Push Doctor, patients can easily communicate with the GP in just a few steps such as,

  • Download the app and create an account
  • Book an appointment same day or another day
  • Speak to the NHS-trained GP
  • Get private or NHS prescriptions, referrals, and sick notes

What Healthcare Solutions Does the Push Doctor App Offer?

As a leading virtual care provider, Push Doctor offers almost every healthcare solution over a video conference and text messages which include,

  • Solution for common skin conditions such as irritation, inflammation, redness, swelling, and itching
  • Comprehensive solutions for various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma
  • Over 10+ joint pain, discomforts, and injury treatment from a certified physiotherapist
  • Eye condition and vision problem solution
  • An ideal treatment for common ear illnesses such as hearing loss, tinnitus, and ear infection
  • The definitive treatment for several sexual health issues
  • Digestive problem solutions
  • Virtual care for frequently occurring allergies such as asthma, eczema, and hives
  • An easily treatable common infection that includes – cold, flue, and RTIs
  • Hair loss solutions for almost every age of people
  • Headache and migraine treatment
  • At-home treatment for the insect bites and stings

How Push Doctor App offers Healthcare Services?

  • Private online prescription: NHS-certified GPs provide fast, secure, and convenient ePrescription via SMS as per patient health condition.
  • Sick notes: A patient can obtain the sick/fit note from the GMC-registered GP via e-mail or post.
  • Referrals: Push Doctor provides easily accessible and quick referral letters to assist patients with their next phase of treatment.

So, these are the healthcare solutions the Push Doctor app offers as a top-rated virtual care provider in the UK.

Now, let’s discuss the Dr. iQ app.

What is the Dr. iQ App? How Does It Work?

The Dr. iQ is a free NHS online consultation services provider in the UK.

Using the Dr. iQ app, patients can simply communicate with the NHS-trained GP regarding their medical conditions.

In simple words, they offer fast, secure, and effective online consultation.

In the Dr. IQ app, patients can book an appointment with the below steps.

  • Patients can choose an audio or video appointment
  • Request an appointment
  • Online consultation with the GP
  • Get a prescription and order medicine online

Which Healthcare Services Does the Dr. iQ App Offer?

  • Book and manage appointments: Patients can book a range of online consultations for their several medical conditions such as – general medical advice, sick notes, referrals, mental health, sexual health, women’s health, joint or muscle pain, and skin problems.
  • Order medication: The Dr. iQ online pharmacy store allows patients to easily order or repeat medications. Additionally, the app provides medication reminders to patients, allowing them to better organize their care.
  • Real-time communication with GP: Patients can easily communicate with their GP via instant message for health-related questions.
  • Call 111: It’s a free service for patients with urgent medical questions (not life-threatening situations). The Dr. iQ provides fast and easy access to the NHS services. As a result, they are trusted by over 300,000 patients in London.

From the above two examples, you now have a better idea of how a doctor app can save time for both patients and doctors.

So, if you are willing to build an app for doctors, let’s find out which features are the most suitable for your app.

Features You Must Add Into Your App for Doctors in the UK

As we said earlier, the adoption of mHealth apps is gradually increasing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both patients and doctors prefer virtual care over live-in-person visits.

As a result, a purposeful feature set is a must for both patients and medical experts to provide the most suitable user experience to them.

For that reason, the following are some of the features we suggest for you to add to your doctor app.

1. App Features for the Patients

  • Create and update profile
  • Symptom checker
  • Appointment booking and reminder
  • Medication orders, tracker, and reminder
  • Share images and documents with the doctor
  • Track health
  • Explore doctors’ profiles and reviews
  • Fast & secure communication with GP via text and video call
  • Appointment history
  • Secure and multiple payment options
  • Review and feedback
  • Technical support

2. App Features for the Doctor/GP

  • Doctor profile
  • Appointment management and reminder
  • Communicate with patients via text and video call
  • Easy and quick access to patient medical records
  • Medical notes
  • Sick notes
  • e-Prescribing
  • Appointment history
  • Track billing and earning
  • Analytics
  • Technical support

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